The Jesus Clone

#0005 A cultural rift in the Church (part V)

So far in this series on the cultural rift in the church, we have been giving a lot of air time to a group on just one side of the rift. Members of this group are ones who whole-heartedly embrace religious doctrines and view their God through the lens of this doctrine. In the last post we observed that their doctrinally-framed God has become so solidified in their collective religious psyches that they are unable to differentiate the image of the Father of Jesus from the mutant God of the Mosaic Law. They have discovered a way, or found some special welder’s goggles they can wear which enable them to…
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#0004 A cultural rift in the Church (part IV)

In the last posting we concluded that the voice of God in Leviticus was false! If this is so then it stands to reason that the image of that God must also be false. In that post I also said that a God with an unending capacity for forgiveness wouldn’t command people to be put to death for their transgressions; well I’m amending my statement to say He couldn’t make such a command, because by doing so He would be going against the essence of His own nature. To see an illustration of this we only have to look at the Pharisees’ response to Jesus when He challenged them in…
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#0003 A cultural rift in the Church (part III)

In the 1st two parts of this series we have been focusing on situations from out of the past. There are a few reasons I wanted to include these in the beginning. We needed to try to identify the greatest obstacle or challenge for Jesus while He was on earth; doing so should help us get a bead on the kinds of activities best suited to His Church’s mission. We found that it wasn’t sinners and the fruits of their sins per se that Jesus focused on; but the systemic evil that had been nesting for some time inside of the Hebrew culture and the practices and ideas it emanated.…
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#0002 A cultural rift in the Church (part II)

The Law of Moses was well-embedded into the culture of the Hebrew people. It was embedded so well one might say the Mosaic Law was the Hebrew culture. When Jesus came on the scene the two religious factions we’ve been discussing (the Pharisees and the Sadducees) were each busily engaged in promoting their own narrative. The promotion process included the business of putting up their doctrinal assertions against the bigger panorama of the Mosaic Law. Whichever faction was successful at winning the approval of the people would then be able to impose their brand of authority over them. And when Jesus showed up—the Pharisees seemed to be ahead in this…
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#0001 A cultural rift in the Church (part I)

Today there is a cultural rift developing through the middle of the Church; dividing it into 2 groups. The rift is growing longer and fatter and the 2 groups are getting more and more polarized towards one another. Jesus, in a parable, branded these 2 groups the sheep and the goats.   For centuries the focus for Christian believers has been getting themselves into a right relationship with God. And in the same amount of time religions have been guiding believers in how they should do that. Christian denominations have different parameters of what and how things should go in this process, but generally speaking the plot is the same…
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