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This site is designed primarily to promote and sell my non-fictional book entitled: The Jesus Clone a religion-free, Christ-centered theology . In the book I talk much about the dynamic nature of God. In these discussions I point out that God operates upon a dynamic field of play in both His creative expressions and His interpersonal or love expressions. Standing in stark relief up against this tapestry of dynamic divinity, religion is conspicuously displayed operating upon its static playing field. So in an attempt to shrug off temptations to follow the path of religionesque expressions I have decided to go with a more dynamic approach to the website. I am using an open architecture design; not necessarily in the look but more in the feel of it. Some of the features I am using in this campaign are…

  • A preview of my book The Jesus Clone. I will continue to provide an extensive sample post of my book on this site. This preview of the book is to give readers interested in getting the general perspective and tone of the book. I will also be using segments of the preview for reference material for posts. To order the book at, look for links like this: Buy The Jesus Clone book here…The price is $24.95 for a printed copy and a low $4.99 for a virtual (Kindle) version. If You purchase a printed copy, the Kindle version will be available to you for $.99.
  • Weekly Postings. I will be posting twice a week articles or series of articles of approximately 1,000-1,500 words each. Initially these will appear on Sundays and Wednesdays, but if the response warrants it, I would consider adding a 3rd day. If we do go to 3 postings/wk., I would probably change the days: keeping Sundays and going to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Look for the first very first of these posts to go up on 6/21/15…that’s father’s Day and the first day of summer, 2015. Starting in September, I changed the frequency of postings to once per week. Thank you.
  • Auxiliary Postings. I will post other related articles running typically 1,000-1,500 words in length. These will be responses to comments and questions. I will post random related articles or links from other authors or posters. I am working on new projects and I will post excerpts from these at such times it seems good to do so. Along with the daily postings I may include a sidebar commentary specifically tied to that posting.
  • Forum for The Jesus Clone Book Response and Dialogue The tenor of this book is intended to challenge conservative and/or comfortable Christian doctrines and beliefs. My goal with this blog is to evoke responses from Christians who are, if not smug then self-satisfied in their views and feelings about God. The book is intended to challenge these kinds of views of doctrines, pet scriptures, and hierarchically-based authority. It is not intended to shakeup to the point of destroying anybody’s faith in God or their concept of the trinity. Dialoguing about theological concepts which oppose your own can’t harm you or your beliefs if they are true and Godly in nature.  If they are they will stand up to the scrutinizing eye, disquieting commentary and probing question. Beyond this, if you choose to be offended, that is your choice. My thinking is that whether your beliefs favor my own, or run in opposition to them; either way a candid discussion around doctrinal views in an open forum can be beneficial to everyone. We only have to be willing to come to the table with a desire to unearth truths about the Creator. To this end I am hoping my views, unorthodox and controversial as they may seem throughout the pages of the book, will act as a catalyst for lively and enlightening exchanges between and among readers–especially Christian readers. These will be screened (for relevance) and posted on the website.
  • Forum for the Formerly Religious In  the forward of the book and under the why write this book? heading of the website I talk some about my own personal faith journey. I spent most of my life embroiled in religion both as a child by compulsion and beginning at age 19 onward–by choice. Then, after more than 30 years I walked away from any and all affiliations with religion. In this 14-year hiatus I have not ever been approached by anyone from any of my former faith communities to inquire of me why I chose to leave and what my story is now that I am no longer going to church. I am pretty sure the general consensus among my former church family members is that I must have become upset with God and that’s why I left. Those who go  to church regularly tend to put going to church on the flipside of the same coin with believing in God and the more they go, the closer to God they may see themselves to be. Church and God–you can’t have the one without the other. At this point, you might guess I am about to launch into a big sob story about how I was totally justified in my decision, but I’m not. Instead I want to broaden the perspective of my own journey away from church and religion to include the many many others who doubtlessly have stories of their own journeys that are similar to mine. In doing this I can bring to point another objective of the website: a forum for the formerly religious to dialogue and tell their stories to any and all who care to hear it.
  • Forum for the Lunatic Fringe There is another group of believers in God that might be, at the same time, classified as seekers of God, or seekers after God. These are ones who, though still involved in the church life (doing their church diligence as it were) are not satisfied with things as they are. Maybe they don’t know what it is exactly about going to church that has become sort of off-putting to them…but they know there’s something! They still regularly get up and go to services on Sundays but they’re finding what draws them there more and more is partly the opportunity to see their friends, partly the sense of fulfilling an obligation to be there. And although they continue to do the same routine week after week and they listen to the similar messages–sing the hymns or praise songs; they feel the creeping cloud of apathy stretching out over their head. They think  their only recourse is to keep going to church and maybe try harder: pay better attention, sing more enthusiastically, be a better person, get deeper into the word; but they are finding that this really isn’t helping as much as they might ‘ve hoped it would. In the back of their mind–way, way, way at the back–in the back of their mind they hear this little voice saying: “I don’t really think I am doing anything–not really.” How does sitting in a pew once or twice a week count as serving God?” In all of this, am I actually modeling my life after Jesus’s life?” I know Pastor Bill says I am, but who is he and how is it that his opinion carries so much weight?” This lady or man walks with the Lunatic Fringe. This group is scattered far and wide and most likely think they are alone in this situation. In truth, though these are those who–Jesus said–hunger and thirst after righteousness. This website can speak to them and hopefully begin a dialogue with that little voice in the way, way, way–at the back–in the back of their mind.
  • Forum for the Politically/Biblically conflicted I don’t know if you are politically minded or not, but there many controversial topics for discussion currently pinging throughout the political media sphere these days. Among them are issues relating to equal rights for the LGBT community. Heated exchanges between camps trenched in on opposite sides of the same-sex couples’ rights to marry issue are heard, seen or read about daily. The surprising (good) thing is that inroads are being made deep and swift into territories long held by those conservative ones who believe marriage is supposed to be between one man and one woman.

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