#0071 Evangelicals side with Donald and Donald sides with hate-mongering racists

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Jesus at the Temple

12 Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

Matt. 21:12 (NIV)

The following article is a repeat post from 09/20/15: Donald Trump and the Evangelical Christians. I thought this post would be appropriate in view of the momentum Trump is getting in the primary race these days—including from the Evangelicals. The “end of the world” subject is also relevant to the book I am currently writing; and especially germane to the section I am working on at present. In today’s 2nd  link we catch-up on what else Governor Snyder of Michigan has been up to besides his part of the Flint water debacle. This lack of good governance on his part, might provide us with a forecast of what will befall the rest of America in the hands of the conservatists, should one of them (Trump?) take the general election in November.

Donald Trump and Evangelical Christians


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  2. Evangelicals side with Donald and Donald sides with hate-mongering racist.
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  5. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear let them hear=R-Directed thinkers.

Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican candidate. He hasn’t been on the ticket very long but he has shot into the lead leaving the rest of the Republican field in the dust and scratching their heads. People seem to be drawn to Donald’s direct, no-nonsense approach to things. “He’s not afraid to tell it like it is!” supporters have been heard to say about him. He hasn’t used religious speak nor put on any kind of mantle of piety in order to attract voters like many other Republican candidates have; despite this however, Evangelical Christians are supporting Donald for president. Donald Trump: the flamboyant, glitzy, bigger-than-life man who is more persona than he is person. He is the picture of self-righteousness; a flagship of type-A personalities. “A” for Assh**e, that is. The Evangelicals are all over this guy and it kind of gives me pause to wonder why. Many others it appears are wondering the same thing.


Donald Trump isn’t more of a Republican that the rest of the field of candidates, he just wears his republicanism more dramatically and certainly more loudly—probably more so than the rest of them combined. Let’s not regard Mr. Trump as a rogue, though the temptation to do so is strong, for his roguishness is what the conservative right seems to be drawn to at this stage of this campaign. Instead let’s regard him more as an amalgam of all things conservative and all things Republican. I too am an American citizen who’s frustrated with things in Washington so I can understand this attraction for a rogue who stands up and speaks out against the establishment—it’s on par for most lower and middleclass Americans to feel this way; but what is the attraction here for Evangelicals? That is the $64,000,000 question. Trump is the personification of conservatism. He is making noises and filling the heads of conservatives with the notion that he is their political savior in the hour that America is really in need of a savior. Jesus is considered by Christians—including Evangelicals to be the savior, so maybe if we compare the characters of Trump and Jesus, we might find some clues. There are accounts in the Bible of Jesus preaching before large crowds of people. Trump is stump-speaking before very large crowds of people. The people Jesus spoke to were looking for some truth and some answers. Trump’s crowds are looking for the same. Jesus spoke in parables—a form of storytelling—so his audiences would be better able to understand, relate to and remember the things He told them. Trump tells stories so that people will be impressed by how well-equipped: (powerful and rich) he is to muscle his way through the problems Trump tells them America is having. Jesus promoted forgiveness—even forgiving one’s enemies. Trumps tells his audiences that he will—if he’s elected—bomb the s**t out of their enemies. Jesus forgave the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery; chastised all who were ready to stone her to death for doing it and lovingly asked this woman where were her accusers (as, one-by-one they were dropping their stones and walking away). Trump made the blanket statement that Mexicans and South Americans who are here in America illegally are murderers and rapists. Trump tells his audiences things like…

To get a real genuine comparison, I wish I had a link to some actual footage of Jesus preaching to an audience that I could post here. I’m not talking about a clip from a movie like the Greatest Story Ever Told that starred Jeffrey Hunter (who later played Captain Christopher Pike, in an episode of the original Star Trek series). I mean footage of the actual Jesus moving, gesturing and talking to the crowd and camera angles showing people in the crowd reacting and interacting with Him. We don’t have that available to us. What we do have is a bunch of pathetic religious and/or political types telling us about Him (the Cloned version of Him) and about His Cloned Church and about His book and selling it all to anyone who will listen to them. These guys are not unlike the moneychangers Jesus ran into in the temple (Matt. 21:12). These guys were playing fast-n-loose with the message about Jesus’s Father and Jesus caught them red-handed at it. Jesus was put to death by cronies of these guys. The cronies were a bunch of conspiracy theorists and paranoid political types—they’re people just like Donald Trump. The way those guys worked was they got the people, many of whom had been following Jesus around, to turn against Him by using the common political trick known as mud-slinging (putting out negative propaganda about Him). As He was being sentenced; Jesus pointed the finger at none of them; in fact, He didn’t accuse anyone. When He was hanging on the cross, He asked God to forgive them—all of them for the conveyance of evil upon Him at their hand. This forgiveness was offered to all of us too; and we weren’t even there.

In the 1st link to the Atlantic article above, the author says he thinks that the Evangelists are looking to Trump because he is a roguish outsider who is willing and able to stand up against the sinful political residue in Washington left by the liberal Obama regime as well as the RINOs of their own party. This may be part of it, but I believe the Evangelists smell an opportunity for advancing a much bigger agenda; one of Biblical proportion—Armageddon [which will trigger the rapture event]!   

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TBC: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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