#0047 Self-righteousness—the new righteousness

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  4. Self-righteousness—the new righteousness

In the last few posts we have been talking much about Trump and his audacious antics but the thing that is even more audacious about this whole deal is how his popularity rating keeps going up as his comments grow more and more audacious. Looking back through the chronicles of history we see that there isn’t anything new here, necessarily. Nevertheless, at this time of technological advancement, what with it being the age of the internet and all, you might think the gullibility pendulum might well be moving towards the “less gullible” side of the scale.  Not so evidently. With the most recent of the Trump comments—advocating the banning of all Muslims from entering our country, outraged-yet-more-rational heads have been comparing such an action to the real-life nightmare of Nazi Germany. At that time it was the Jews as a people who were singled out and trodden underfoot by those who were serving in official government capacities. They were following the orders of their official head of state Adolph Hitler. Extenuating circumstances lead to the eventuation that saw Hitler assume his role as the fuhrer. At that time the conditions in Germany were dire in that the people were still reeling from the aftermath struggling to recover from World War I. The German population was falling fast into a world of hurt—poverty and disempowerment. And the outlook became even bleaker and seemingly unalterable after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. This Treaty held Germany—the German people—financially responsible for all they wrecked upon the rest of the European nation during World War I. It was at this time when the German people were at their lowest and feeling vulnerable and with few options that left to them that Hitler stepped up and began putting out a straightforward message that made sense for Germany at that time and in their particular circumstances. His first order of business was to affix blame to those who were at fault. This happened to be the Jews, Communists and liberals for the different roles these groups played in Germany pulling out too soon and therefore losing the war for Germany. If they had won the war, Hitler reasoned, they wouldn’t have ended up in the national pickle they were in. A lot of the same kinds of talking points are being bandied about today among the conservatists Trump and his supporters. With all things considered, the Nazi era wasn’t that long ago; there are people still alive who lived it. There is a saying… “If we do not learn from the mistakes of history, we are doomed to repeat them…” Is this the road we’re heading down—so soon again today? It kind of feels like it is.

Although it seems like, as a nation and a culture, we would have grown to a place in our development as the human species where we would be more on top of the truth of things in general; but this is not the case—far from it. Logically we should be, and what’s more we could be if it weren’t for some other factors and influences at play which are preventing us from being there or from being able to get there. Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and the others see the Emerald City from afar off and they begin running towards it? The city seemed very accessible and reachable and they only had to run through this field of flowers and they would reach it in no time. But evil got involved and what seemed so simple became complicated…The Wizard of Oz – poppies

A dynamic we can call ignorance by choice is in full swing and is being practiced and promoted by conservatists by means of their right-winged propaganda machine. I featured some of the more popular propaganda outlets of theirs in the first posing of this series last week (#0044). Propaganda works to steer otherwise good-hearted, intelligent people away from facts and stats which paint a bigger, kinder and more hopeful national and world narrative and replaces it with a different one…one filled with superstitions, innuendos and outright lies. This narrative is slanted and biased specifically in ways that feed the objectives of their fantastically favoured and fear-ladened scenarios. What makes conservatist wont to get on this sort of propaganda-go-round and to keep it spinning is their natural L-directed propensity to follow and to be told what to do, think and believe. This follower mentality is promoted by religion, not by God but by religion. So herein we find a paradox which has the very people who see themselves as being most attuned to God and God’s message by their very involvement in religion the most susceptible to that propaganda being spit out by hucksters and bee-essers like Donald Trump. Again, it’s one thing to have to endure a guy like Trump going around spewing his racist and bullyboy message—we live in a country that guarantees freedom of speech—but it’s something altogether different when you see so many good people lapping it up like starving dogs on spilled gravy.   

In His proposal to ban billion Muslims from our nation’s boarders Trump was heard harping over and over, “We have no choice! We have no choice!” Such a generalization is absurd to say the least. To give you just a peek into the workings of the conservatists propaganda machine and at the same time into the workings of the self-righteous mind click on the link below and watch it all the way through. It tells you about a guy named Adam SZubin who is the Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism. He is, according to Rachael’s report “our government’s go-to specialist on tracking and stopping funding terrorist financing.” He was appointed to this position in April by President Obama and after 250 days since he has yet to be confirmed by Congress to serve in that capacity…

Shelby chooses partisan games over ISIS fight with nominee stall

So when Trump says, “We have no choice!” He says it in a compelling way and people believe him. But the truth is there are other things that can be done and would be much more affective; but the conservatists aren’t after the truth or actual solutions—they’re interested in selling their politically conservative and self-righteous narrative. They need everyone buying into their message and that is the endgame of the Republican Party today.

In 1982 there was a scare related to extra strength Tylenol. Evidently someone in the greater Chicago area was tampering with bottles in stores and putting poisoned pills in place of the regular ones. As a result seven people died. This scare became a worldwide story and after things began to settle down a bit a joke jokes began circulating, one of which went: Did you hear that they discovered a cure for acne? Extra-strength Tylenol! Donald Trump’s remedy for the ISIS/ISEL threat by banning 1.6 billion Muslims from coming into the U.S. is on par with taking poison in order to deal with your acne.

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