#0046 Remember when conservatists wanted to paint a Hitler Stache on Obama?

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  4. Self-righteousness—the new righteousness

We left off last time talking about the Moonie Movement of the 70s. I was citing it for its resemblance to the Trump for President Movement of today. I want to expand on that comparison a bit before we move onto the news about Trumps latest insanity. Remember I am writing a blog more concerned with religion and religious observations and that is why I will always try to swing the perspective around to God and/or those who openly profess their belief in Him. In this vein, I cited Monies specifically because this movement became renowned, back then for its use of brainwashing techniques in its recruitment practices. Whether this is true or not, or to what extent they used (or still use) brainwashing is beside the point; I just wished to use them to compare with that which seems to be happening within ever growing group of Trump supporters. The Moonies are only one such group of radicalized believers who have been exposed to some sort of outside influence which has served to drive them into a state of almost irrational and irreversible belief in and dedication to their leader—the same is true with The Donald Movement.

There have been other movements in my lifetime which have garnered similar responses from large masses of people. Some of these have been similar in tone to the Moonies and the Donald. The red scare that came out of the McCarthy era is a real good example. The Jones Town colony; Branch Dravidians; and today’s Scientologists are other examples of religious-specific groups. But there was another populist phenomenon that brought about a whirlwind response from a huge and diverse group of people that I would like to mention for a moment. It wasn’t religious nor politically-based but in 1964 it spooled up out of nowhere, seemingly overnight and took the whole world by storm—in a good way—and the cultural, artistic and other new perspectives it birthed are still being manifested today. I’m talking about the Beatles and Beatlemania

A taste of Beatlemania in the 1960s

In 1966 at the zenith of their teen-aged popularity, John Lennon made a statement which got the group in trouble. He was overheard to say that they (the Beatles) were more popular than Jesus. The story broke and it gave conservatists a toehold for launching a counter revolution on the boys and their devil music. It lasted for about a minute. Check out these links.

August 8, 1966: “Hundreds of Beatles Records Are to Be Pulverized in a Giant Municipal Tree-Grinding Machine”

Jesus—John Lennon controversy (part 1-4)

The Beatles – “Candlestick Park” San Francisco, CA. August 29, 1966

The protest outside of Candlestick Park in San Francisco Turned out to be the Beatles last actual live performance. The reason was for this had nothing to do with the demonstration outside in the parking lot; it had everything to do with the size and enthusiasm of the crowds. All the noise and the mayhem made it next to impossible for the boys to hear themselves and each other. Once the Beatles made the decision to stop performing live concerts; that’s when their creative energies were unleashed and their phenomenon status moved into a whole new sphere.

The point I’m making is that there is a potential energy moving in the world wherein—when the time is ripe and for no apparent reason a person (or group) can have the inexplicable provenance to capture the attention of many, many people at the same time for the same reason. There is something going on behind the scenes when such a singularity is in play. It’s a spiritual phenomenon which possesses a synchronized energy. Once it reaches a certain level of response from a gathering of followers (fans) it can move into a realm of self-perpetuation almost. At this stage, the energy generated by the source (e.g.: Donald Trump) is fed by the energy that the followers bring to the table. Once these energies begin coming together it can be like two weather fronts converging and a third energy begins to emerge—and it can be one that carries with it its own impetus. Once this stage is achieved the phenomenon may very well become hard to control and/or to shut down.

This is where the Trump campaign seems to be at now. Last week I mentioned that Trump was spending the least amount of money on his campaign compared with the other candidates including Jeb Bush (who is spending the most). Despite this he continues to be way out in front of all the other candidates. The reason he is realizing this kind of result is this convergence of energy fronts has been swirling and building around him, his rhetoric and his every-growing group of conservatist supporters. There is a spiritual energy that is driving this thing and it is, in a way, taking on a life of its own and is getting out in front of even Trump. The same kind of energy can be seen swirling and building within the ISIS/ISEL movement. This is an evil energy fueled by fear and driven forwards by fear mongering. It has an unholy essence about it that is almost tangible. It wasn’t inspired by God, but rather it was conjured out of a bed of lies and deceit. It’s reactionary in nature and our best defense against it is to recognize it for what it is and never stop speaking out against it—trying to expose it for what it really is. It’s as unlike day is from night to the phenomenon brought about by the convergence of energies that emerged in the 60s Beatlemania. That phenomenon was good and even though religion tried to mess with it, religion never stood a chance. As far as the Trump Phenomenon is concerned, the term fascist has now been put up on the table. We need to keep that ball of saying it like it is up in the air. That’s one of the attributes his followers like to use to describe Trump—he tells it like it is—well we can also tell it like it is. Trump is a fascist.

TBC Sunday December 13, 2015

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