#0044 Lies—the new truth, according to Donald Trump.


Dumb—the new smart is more accurate. This posting is the first in a series of postings loosely related to The Donald and his bid for the presidency. Even though the focal point is a politician (Donald Trump) my goal is to keep my talking points within a Christian/spiritual motif. With that in mind look for this posting to lay the foundation for where I want to go with this series.

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I want to start out by highlighting an excerpt from the featured link: Why Donald Trump is impervious to fact-checking.

For decades, conservatives have argued that the media is hopelessly biased against conservative politicians and conservative ideas. In their attempts to counter what they see as liberal bias, conservatives built an alternative media system all their own — a few newspapers and magazines, but more importantly talk radio and Fox News — that could deliver the news in a way they found more amenable. If you’re part of the audience of those outlets, you hear on a daily basis that everything the mainstream media tells you is a lie, and you can only trust the conservative media.

That idea is a leitmotif running through the conservative media’s discussion of every issue, foreign or domestic: The media is trying to keep the truth from you. As Rush Limbaugh once told his audience when discussing climate science, “If you know what’s good for you, if you know that they’re leftists, you won’t believe anything they say anytime, anywhere, about anything … So we have now the Four Corners of Deceit, and the two universes in which we live. The Universe of Lies, the Universe of Reality, and The Four Corners of Deceit: Government, academia, science, and media. Those institutions are now corrupt and exist by virtue of deceit.”

Rush Limbaugh has the #1 radio show in America. According to Wikipedia, he’s been #1 since 1991 when they started plotting radio show ratings. In today’s world of big screen, super HD and 3d television viewing potential complete with a multitude of special effect oriented visual possibilities; what do we care about radio, especially talk radio? The power of radio comes from its virtue as a listening-only medium, which you don’t have to stop everything, sit down and give your full attention to–like you do with your multi-sensory demanding TV set. You can listen to the radio while you are doing something else; working, playing cards, exercising, or driving/riding in the car. Because this is so you can pretty much be doing anything you normally would be doing while at the very same time have the rhetoric of a Rush Limbaugh pulsing through your brain. To give you a bit of perspective as to the popularity of radio today check out this link…List of most-listened-to radio programs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Breaking down this list; there are 19 radio shows and of these 19, 12 are described as talk, news or news/talk shows. Of these 12, 5 are described as conservative talk and these 5 conservative talk radio shows account for 45++million listeners per day. And once again, according to the list there is only 1 show listed which is described as progressive (liberal) talk and it accounts for 2+ million listeners.

What can be gleaned from these statistics? The first thing that sticks out for me is the Rush Limbaugh statement. If we start out asking the question what or who is mainstream media…there is no definitive answer. All media is colored by political biases and the majority of those are conservative as is evidenced by our chart of radio shows. On cable TV, Fox News is #1 and is way out in front of everybody else. So going by the stats Limbaugh’s statement seems more accurate if you substitute the word liberal or leftist with the word conservative or right-winged. Left to run its own course the argument between who’s right and who’s wrong (especially in matters of politics and religion) is a pointless and unwinnable argument; but if we look at some other things besides the issues and what’s being said about them we stand a better chance of making inroads into what’s actually taking place. By looking at the mode of operation— or em oh of those who are professing their supposed statements of facts and statistics; especially the over-generalized ones like in the Limbaugh example above we can find patterns there. The em oh or technique conservatives tend to use are evidenced in the way Donald Trump dances around the issues. Along with over-generalization we can add to the list: selective memory, some/all fallacies; personal slandering; defining what’s important for others; drawing conclusions for others and the list goes on and on. The other big tipoff is the rating numbers themselves. If the leftists are running the mainstream media—the liberal media—then why do the numbers tell us that it’s not the mainstream or liberal media outlets holding the commanding lead in the ratings; but rather it’s the conservative stations and programs. The other technique the conservatives use is the old pointing the finger of blame at somebody else for your own transgressions or weaknesses.

The objective all along of conservative talk radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity and others has been to condition it’s the listeners into agreeing with the concepts and the ideals of the host. These shows typically air 2-3 hours per day and as I mentioned they are designed to run in the background to flavor the conscious activities of your day—every day. It’s brainwashing, plain and simple. It’s a campaign not unlike the Tokyo Rose radio show which ran as a demoralization crusade against American GIs during WWII. Running propaganda continuously as an integral part of one’ daily psychological diet is a very intensive and highly effective method of getting people to think and believe what you want them to think and believe. Enter Donald Trump and his motor-mouthed, steamroller approach to his presidential campaign. Jeb Bush has spent the most money in his campaign so far; Donald Trump, the least. Bush is spending 133 to 1 compared to Trump. Bush is sitting with around 5% of the overall conservative pie whereas Trump is way out ahead of everybody else and enjoys over 30 % of that pie. You might ask, How is this possible?

Spending doesn’t help Bush as Trump continues improbable rise

TBC Sunday December 6, 2015

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