#0042 Pharisee Cruz rises in Iowa poll in his bid for Caesar’s throne

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As you view this story watch the scrolling banner at the bottom that says Cruz rises to 23% (Right behind Trump’s 25%) in Iowa polls. This means he has doubled his approval ratings in the past 4 weeks. The Evangelicals (the conservatists) evidently like his position of running roughshod over the gays and the abortion doctors; because in their view—God approves of such preemptive and definitive action leveled against sinners. This rise in his rating is in the wake of his appearance at the Religious Liberty Conference which featured Kevin Swanson and his equally bizarre and no-nonsense position against the gays. Obviously Cruz is getting some results using this strategy as it seems to be paying big dividends for him. As a politician, especially in such a tight field which includes the likes of Donald Trump you have to go with the strategy that’s working for you. Cruz rolled the dice on the prospect that the Christian Evangelicals (conservatists) would be mad as hell about the SCOTUS ruling legitimizing marriages for same sex couples and evidently he was correct in his assessment. And as far as this round 2 of the same strategy bout; he didn’t need no rocket scientology to guess that stirring the embers of rage in their self-righteous hearts on this other kindred abortion issue would gain him even more momentum with the conservatists. So his affiliation with this radical anti-abortionist, Troy Newman comes as no real surprise to me—how about you? The more noteworthy point in this article (but still not a surprise) is the remarkably huge swing to his favor he got from this; and that most if not all this new-found support can be attributed to the Iowan conservatists. The reason this is noteworthy and how it relates to this blog site has everything to do with why these conservatists are moving so predictably with the tide of righteous indignation (from their viewpoint) and rage over these issues of doctrine. Their righteous indignation is misplaced because it isn’t righteous at all, rather it’s a learned—or indoctrinated indignation. It is conditioned behavior and as such it doesn’t come from an authentic place in their hearts. In other words, it doesn’t emanate from divine inspiration; but in their minds, they believe that it must.

 In October I posted a series of articles that referenced Gog and Magog. The references I used had to do with the different speculations past presidents have had about who and what the identities of Gog and Magog represented. At that time I didn’t toss my guess into the ring but a few weeks ago, up to a point, I began to break the ice on the subject. My thought was that they represented two different ideologies that will, in the last days join forces. In their coming together a new dynamic will materialize that will bring about a fearsome result. You can read about Gog and Magog in the Book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.  

In Jesus’s day, the two fearsome ideological realities beleaguering the Hebrew people (the culture with whom Jesus was affiliated by birth and blood) were the Romans and the Pharisees. Let’s think of these two enterprises as representing the two archetypes of evil present in Jesus’s time and culture. Jesus referenced them often because He knew they were His opponents and that these two formidable energies were working against Him and His mission. His mission was two-fold: 1) to introduce humanity to a much more accurate conceptualization of His Father and 2) to plant seeds of the concept of His Father’s Kingdom into the world while He was still here. These two energies, though working separately, were interested in thwarting any and all workable campaigns toward any actualization of this Kingdom on the part of humans. Jesus knew full well that both the Roman Empire and the religious entity comprised of the Pharisees and Sadducees (I refer to them together as the Pharisees) were but manifestations of a deeper, underlying evil (spiritual) energy. The spiritual energy that produced these two institutions or empires were physical in nature and as such wouldn’t endure for more than a handful of centuries; but the evil energy that spawned them and powered them would. It was destined to reappear as other physical manifestations over and over throughout the annals of history…and that is exactly what happened.

In Jesus’s time these two divergent energies though working for toward the same goal—thwarting God’s Kingdom—worked different strategies in separate circles. According to this prophecy in Ezekiel, the dynamic of them operating separately is going to change and they will come together to form one concentrated and fearsome force bent upon destroying the human race and with them all possibilities of them ever producing the Kingdom of God on the Earth. This period in history is referred to in the Scriptures as the end times or the end of days. Many religious conservatives see the time we are living in as the end times. Where Reagan and Bush Jr. were seeing certain world powers in the roles of Gog and Magog: I like the empire of religion and the empire of mammon in these perspective roles of Gog and Magog. Which one is which? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we are seeing these two energies coming together in the world and in our own U.S. political and religious circles. Look at what Ted Cruz is up to. He is vying for power and sway in both the religious kingdom and in the mammon kingdom. The Ayatollahs of the Middle Eastern regions have been doing it for some time and it’s pretty much the whole thrust behind the idea of radicalizing the Islamic religion. This is what the radical Tea Party candidates like Cruz, Jindal and Huckabee are doing as they establish campsites in the evangelical establishment and build bridges between this conservative religious entity (Gog) and their own conservative political entity (Magog).

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