#0041 Christianity: is it turning into Christi-ANTI-ty?

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In the past several months, since I began this blog page, I have been busy pointing out different ways in which conservatism has been diverting the gospel imperative away from the idea of building God’s Kingdom. This attack campaign (for lack of a milder term) by me has been directed at both political and religious conservatism and those who stand under its banner. The truth is it’s growing more and more difficult to differentiate between the two and I think there’s a high probability that this trend is going to continue for some time. The reason I think this is because both the religious and political conservative camps seem to be convinced that we are living in portentous times and the time for radical action is now. We are seeing evidence of this every day in the news. And the inundation of world events seems to be flying in at a rate of about 10,000 frames per second. It’s like one big thing happens and before you can take a breath another event gets triggered by it—like dominos. I’m not talking about just those events related to the Middle East like the terrorist attacks in and around France, Belgium and the threat of further terrorist attacks that these have ignited; I’m talking about the U.S. conservatists’ response to all that’s been happening and their need to weigh in on it—what it all means and how we should feel and think about it and then what the correct response should be. As the conservatists weigh in the very action of them doing so becomes, itself, a domino. This domino then becomes poised and ready to influence a neighboring domino (e.g.: political supporters) and so on down the line.

An example of this domino effect, one not related to the terrorist attacks last week has to do rather with the backlash of the Christian conservatists’ to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gays and lesbians to marry. This happened on June 26, 2015—less than 5 months ago and in that short time the conservatists have stirred up all kinds of stink about it; they don’t like it and they’re not about to sit still for it.   That’s why we see guys like religious conservatist Kevin Swanson stand up shaking his fist in the air, sporting a wild look in his eyes and in a pimply voice scream “I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!” and then continues to exhort an imperative of this gospel as killing gays because they are sores and pustules on the lily-white completion of the body of Christian believers who worship at the feet of the Jesus Clone. This guy is no small timer. At this rally where Swanson presented his message of doom for the gays he later acted as emcee for a segment which featured 3 of the current Republican presidential candidates. In this segment each of the candidates one-by-one came up on stage where Swanson commenced to hold their feet to the fire on what their positions were on these conservative issues. I am no longer affiliated with organized religion, but as a believer in Jesus I don’t appreciate a self-righteous ass, such as Mr. Swanson dragging Jesus’s good name into the middle of this and holding Him in this sort of negative light. It seems like they’re only just getting warmed up and I’m wondering where it’s going to lead. It gives me pause to wonder about other Christians—those who don’t necessarily share the same radical views with this guy and many others like him; but who, as fellow Christians, become collateral damage amidst all the judgmental carnage. What about other more liberal-thinking Christians, those who believe in a God who is good—or are trying to believe in this good God. What’s happening is the more these conservatists get into the swing of spreading their win-lose propaganda; the more momentum they get in these kinds of campaigns; the more damage they will do in the bigger overarching Christian campaign known as the great commission: to take the gospel  message into the four quarters of the world. The gospel means good news. What’s good about news that purports the condemnation and purging of untold millions of people?

In My blog posting: Jesus the Chief Cornerstone Part 4 I began to repudiate one of the four scriptures Swanson was using to make his case. I had some compelling arguments which could be easily used to put a different, less slanderous meaning to what Paul is saying in Romans 1: 26-32. The most obvious thing for me is that out of the whole list of infractions Paul lists there, Swanson chose to single out homosexuality as the one he wanted to focus upon; to the exclusion of all the others. This is indicative of the strategy used by conservatist Christian preachers; they will quote you a scripture then tell you what it means. Political conservatists do the same thing whereby they spin the facts in such a way as to support their own views. This kind of posturing has taken them down a dead-end alley of criticism and negativity and in the process they’ve too often bundled up God’s image with the same wrapping of crap. Those of us who think of ourselves as Christians; who at the same time wish to visualize and promote a much saner, uplifting and joyous image of God and Jesus are left with the dilemma of having to distancing ourselves from these conservatist ideologies. We are encumbered and even shackled by all of their negative energy and it’s time we stood up and spoke out about how we feel.   

Conservatists are demonizing and or marginalizing

  • Gays and the LGBT community
  • Muslims and other Middle Eastern persons and their beliefs/cultures
  • African Americans, Latin Americans, Hispanics and other people of color
  • Women
  • Liberal thinking/acting persons
  • President Obama
  • Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who pose a threat to their ideologies.

With this big long and emphatic list of things and ideas conservatists, in general, are against or opposed to or find fault in, it begs the question: what are these conservatists for? If you are able to come up with a few, I’m sure by tweaking the words a little—even these few would prove to be other criticisms trying to pass themselves off as affirmations.

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