#0028 Donald Trump and Evangelical Christians IV


  • Donald v. Jesus
  • Evangelicals side with Donald and Donald sides with a hate-mongering racist.
  • Triggering Armageddon
  • L-Directed thinking: the quick-fix, turnkey, plug-n-play ideologies/doctrines
  • Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear let them see/hear=R-Directed thinkers.

When it comes to the possible true identity of the Gog and Magog characters there is a whole other possibility which the conservatives using their L-Directed brains aren’t able to entertain or consider. This possibility stems from a different but foundational bit of theology that feels slippery within the mental grasp of the L-Directed brain. This theology is of course: “God is Love”! This characteristic of God is big-picture stuff and we have been discussing how L-Directed, conservative ideals don’t do well with it. This theology of God’s love infers more than an attribute of niceness about Him. It infers more than an agreeable side or an approachable side of His personality…or that He is benevolent, nurturing or life-giving to those whom He likes or approves of. It bespeaks more than the sentiment that He loves those who accept Him and believe on His name and believe that He gave His only begotten Son for them—that they might live! It says—He IS love. The love that He IS is the one and only true and authentic love. All love emanates from Him in much the same way blinding light and scorching heat emanates from the sun. We humans can think of it is as unconditional love. This is the big picture love. Any other brand of love or love spun in any other way, isn’t God’s love, it is lesser love. And any lesser love really isn’t love at all—it’s a trick so you shouldn’t believe it. The L-Directed brain can’t really wrap itself around the idea of this big-picture love. It has to revert to some namby-pamby iteration of lesser love or this non-love. We can think of it as conditional love. Conditional love isn’t a weaker or diminished version of unconditional love, it is its opposite. It’s out of this place, or inside this realm that such notions are derived casting Muslims, LGBTs, Hispanics, et al in a dark light. It is from within this realm that statements such as those uttered by President Bush Jr. arise and are embraced by others held within its boundaries:  “This confrontation is willed by God,”…”who wants us to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.” A common belief held by many if not most conservative, Evangelical Christians is that there is a day of judgment on its way and when it arrives, non-believers will find themselves in a world of hurt. At that time it will be too late for them. Is this master plan of salvation one that could possibly emanate from a creator who emanates the blinding, scorching brand of unconditional love? No.

Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear—let them see and hear. Those who have brains to see the big picture and not get hung up on the details let them see. Those who have hearts to perceive and receive the big-picture, unconditional love of the one, true and authentic God—let them perceive and receive. Here is an excerpt from my book The Jesus Clone that expounds further on this idea of judgment day only from an R-Directed perspective…

 The Battle of Armageddon

One of the things derived from these prophecies foretold by Jesus is the Protestant doctrines of the rapture and the Battle of Armageddon. Verses 39 and 40 outline the rapture. In a nutshell the rapture is the idea that in the end Jesus is going to come back to judge the world and all of the people who are alive at that time. Part of the process entails the rapturing or catching up and carrying away to safety all the righteous believers. The other side of this is those who are not righteous will not be lifted up to safety but will instead be left behind to face the music of God’s wrath, as it were. What will follow sometime later is known as the Battle of Armageddon. What will this battle be like? When will it take place? What is the purpose of this battle? This is what I would like to focus on here.

When we look at the concept of Armageddon, traditionally we see its purpose is to eliminate evil and to punish all the evil people. Evidently at the end of time, God intends to wreck vengeance for the sins and the evil that has been perpetrated upon His church and those faithful church folks (referred to as God’s elect). The process will include the incorporation of righteous/militant angels sent by down by God with the expressed purpose of slaying the evildoers and removing them from God’s sight. In this way His righteousness will prevail over evil in the end. This would somehow prove to everyone that He was right all along and that all who disagreed with Him were wrong and they now would have to pay the price big time and forever for their unrighteous behavior. It is the classic good versus evil scenario. But if we examine this a bit more closely and if we hold it up against the backlight of God’s unconditionally loving nature then we can see if this whole righteous-vindictive notion, traditionally held by Christians can hold (holy) water or not!

Along with Armageddon we need to talk further about this rapture deal and who specifically will and who will not qualify for a divine beam up on the fateful day. God’s elect or those who have been obedient to Him…those who have gone to church; who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior; who have tried to live their lives according to the mandates of the word (the Bible); who have lived a life of high moral integrity. These are the ones who will be spared, the ones who won’t be raptured and spared, are those who haven’t aspired to this spiritual punch list of dues and don’ts. The God who operates within the confines of religious doctrines and an iron moral standard is the God who demands all of the kinds of conditions some of which I have included in my list. This is the God who must be appeased. He is the God who demanded deep within His spirit that Jesus be sacrificed upon a cross before He would even consider playing the mercy card amidst the human drama. This God is a vengeful God. An integral part of His plan of salvation is that sins have to be paid for by someone. In this plan Jesus pays by suffering and dying on the cross, then (additionally) the millions of disgusting, evil humans who are alive at the time of His second coming also pay in this horrendous rapture event.

If we will try to remember that God is an unconditionally loving God and if we really believe that He is, the Holy Ghost will bring to our mind some examples or possibilities of the truth of unconditional love. Caught up in this process, we may remember that Jesus went willingly to the cross, suspecting He would in that endeavor suffer all manner of brutality and abuse. Abuse and brutality He did suffer—all Evil Satan had at his disposal was unleashed on Him that day, up to and including the forfeiture of His life. But before He gave up the ghost Jesus delivered a deathblow of His own—a spiritual deathblow—with His final breath He uttered these words, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”  Against the abuse and brutality, He didn’t even try to defend Himself. He didn’t retaliate. He didn’t call down from the sky go-zillion paramilitary angels in full battle attire to deliver a blood bath upon humanity! Why not?! Jesus knew as God knows (for it is central to His divine nature) where real power lives. As a loving God who created us out of love, who created us for the end purpose of love, He would have nothing to do with this kind of nonsense. In God’s divine reality, retaliation, revenge, comeuppance, justice perpetrated with violence, has no part with Him and we had seen this repeatedly modeled in the life and times of Jesus.

Using this very tactic, Armageddon is going to be a different kind of a battle. It’s not going to be fought with weapons nor is it going to be fought for the purpose of revenge or vindication or any of these other lesser, human mandates. The purpose of Armageddon the last battle of good versus evil is going to be a battle of good over evil but it’s going to be fought like Jesus fought that battle from the cross. The way you defeat evil is by surrender not by a demonstration of physical strength! The way you take the power away from evil is to not resist! The way you take the power away from evil is by adopting a giving and forgiving attitude; is to be open and loving and to be so even in the face of trouble, in the face of evil, in the face of hardship and personal sacrifice. This is by definition unconditional love. The Godly unconditional response to life is: “I will be who I am no matter what is happening around me!” This is God’s mode of operation. God is who He is and He will not respond nor react based on external forces or devices or anything that is in opposition to His nature. He is who He is always and this will be His weapon of choice in the Battle of Armageddon. The way evil will be defeated is that the weapons of evil will be simply rendered powerless in the blinding brightness of God’s unconditional love. The Battle of Armageddon will be Calvary on a global scale! This notion of the rapture is totally absurd when you hold it against the tapestry of a loving God. God is for all people. He is not a vengeful God he’s not going to abandon those people whom we would term sinners because he sees much value in each and every one of us. No matter what our circumstance is, no matter what our walk has been…He is (and will continue to be, always) the good Shepherd seeking us out: the lost sheep. Traditional Christian mindsets might argue that God will forgive humans up to a point but after that we must pay for our misdeeds, mistakes and for our hard-heartedness. This is simply not true! My reasoning takes me to the scripture that reports Jesus answering His disciples’ question concerning how many times God requires that they should forgive their neighbor…

21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me,

and I forgive him? till seven times?

22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

70×7 is symbolic for an unlimited or infinite number. 70×7 times indicates that you should always forgive your neighbor…there is not a limit on the number of times or how often you should forgive your neighbor! So if Jesus is asking us to be this forgiving of one another, how is it that Christians purport He, as God would have a limit on the number of times He would forgive any one of us. It is absurd to think that Jesus is going to destroy his precious children in some sort of inferno at the end of the world. This notion comes from tradition that was born of the evil one himself in his part of the principality of tradition and of doctrine that tries to hold people hostage. This is the modus operandi for religions today…they try to hold their constituents hostage by using doctrines like threats; doctrines of fear of the judgments which will certainly befall them if they fail to remain faithful to the end. This is the use of incentive by treat of the highest caliber!

(The Jesus Clone Chapter Twenty-nine iii p. 265-268)

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