#0027 Donald Trump and Evangelical Christians III (Gog and Magog continued)


  1. Donald v. Jesus
  2. Evangelicals side with Donald and Donald sides with a hate-mongering racist.
  3. Triggering Armageddon
  4. L-Directed thinking: the quick-fix, turnkey, plug-n-play ideologies/doctrines
  5. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear let them see/hear=R-Directed thinkers.

The thing about scripture interpretations is they tend to vacillate with circumstances and with the times. In the Wiki article Ronald Reagan drew a conclusion about whom or what Gog or Magog must be based on the direction current events of his time seemed to be leaning. And to his conservative supporters, it made perfect sense. See, the Bible IS true and it can accurately predict the future. Oh what a great and mighty God we serve!! But then when the USSR fell and Russia became more westernized—more like us—their evil quotient fell in proportion with their failing economy; they became weak, by world-power standards and much less politically viable and consequently they lost a lot of their Bible prophecy steam. When (boy) George Bush became president he also began looking at those end time scriptures; and based on current world events of the time, the personification of evil looked much more convincing dressed in middle-eastern attire; so both the conservative politicians and preachers began to like one or other of the middle-eastern nations in this Gog and Magog role and so they began spinning it this way. Iraq. In the 80’s George W’s father (Papa Bush) had tangled with the Iraqis in Desert Storm, so politically speaking it would be easy to cast them in a negative light; besides, they were sitting on tons of oil. The obvious connection from the Christian perspective was the fact that their president, Saddam Hussein, was a truly evil dictator that kind of looked like the devil. Then on September 11th, 2001 the twin towers, the Pentagon, et AL were attacked by terrorists; the whole country was knocked back on its heels and conservatives saw the opportunity of a lifetime to affix Biblical acumen to the event and make it stick. When all the investigative smoke cleared dozens of suspects were rounded up it was determined the attacks were orchestrated by a terrorist group working out of Afghanistan—not Iran, but hey, close enough for government work. Bush Jr. along with Vice President Dick Cheney decide at some point the best thing for us as a country was to initiate a show of strength in the middle-east to let them know who they’re messing with; so they decide to invade—not Afghanistan, but Iraq. The reason they peddled to the American people was based on some unsubstantiated, lame-assed intelligence alleging WMDs were being built there. They went on to explain that this was intended as a preemptive maneuver on the middle-eastern nexus of evil:  “This confrontation is willed by God,”…”who wants us to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.” The conservatives (religious, political and otherwise) really ate this idea up with a spoon and the definitive Gog and Magog ball was tossed up in the air once more.

In George W. Bush’s time the hot ticket of evil was Al Qaida (aka: the Taliban) but amidst the struggles to thwart their advancements and push them back, a new body of rebels and would-be conquerors arose, ISIS or ISIL. As bad as the Taliban regime was, ISIL made them look like so many schoolgirls by comparison. If you are able to follow the unfolding of events using a method not driven by a conservative political or religious agenda then it is possible to get a clear and accurate read from past events. The expression, “Hindsight is 20/20” can be applied if your brain isn’t pre-clouded with expectations and you’re not occupied with trying to keeping an agenda afloat; but with conservatism, agendas are what you are about most all the time. This is what is happening with the Trump/Evangelical collaboration. Trump, the politician is looking for endorsements anywhere and everywhere he can—this is normal political fare; with the Evangelicals—who are also working a religious agenda—it’s a bit less clear to the untrained eye, but it’s there all the same. I’ve got a strong suspicion the Evangelicals are really liking this ISIS/ISIL faction in the role of either Gog or Magog. If this is so, it would follow that their motive for backing Trump isn’t about him being the great peacemaker (in the likeness of Jesus) but as the great troublemaker! In short, these Evangelists are hoping that getting Trump into the Whitehouse and into the role of commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, the greatest fighting entity on the planet (more like bully-in-chief), because accomplishing this would put God’s army at a great advantage over the forces of evil. In the event this came to be, God’s army would be sitting pretty at the dawning of the Battle of Armageddon. Trump is just the fearless, no-nonsense kind of guy who’s not afraid to go up to the hornets’ nest of Evil and give it a good poke with a the stick of righteousness (or self-righteousness, whichever) to get the dance of final judgment under way.

This master plan fits right in with the thinking of political and religious conservatives. They are by design L-Directed thinkers and simplistic concepts like the one I’m writing about in this post are concepts that L-Directed thinkers are drawn to. They much prefer readymade, turnkey or plug-n-play concepts that aren’t overly complex. Because they think and view things in this way they tend to perceive God, Himself as an L-Directed thinker. Remember L-Directed thinkers tend to focus on the details and in so doing fall down in their ability to see the big picture; what’s more, they don’t care about the big picture and subsequently, their God isn’t a big picture sort of God. Is Donald Trump a big picture thinker? That’s a good question, but it’s not really to the point of this article. The focus of this article is the conservative, Evangelical brain and why it thinks and perceives reality the way it does. Conservatives are looking for and expecting an overly-simplistic culmination to mankind’s long, drawn-out journey on the earth and these days, they’re looking to Donald Trump to make it happen for them.

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